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Out Of The Fog The Halifax Underground 1986

You may think you're in tune with the metro music scene, but pick Out of the Fog: The Halifax Underground 1986, on the independent Flamingo Records you're bound to be surprised.

Funny thing is, you won't see these bands performing anywhere in town but at Halifax's newly-opened Club Flamingo, which is deliberately dedicated to promoting underexposed local talent.

The compilation album reflects a degree of accomplishment that Halifax should but isn't proud of. To be sure, compilation albums are just that, and the result is therefore somewhat uneven. But one thing is sure: these bands are singing and playing their hearts out, and most have matured greatly since the album tryouts were held via a series of concerts last winter.

Basic English's Love Won't Wait is a rollicking Bob Dylanish-tune. The rich voice of Mike Brennan of the Lone Stars evokes a countrified Mark Knopfler or Bruce Springsteen with a wrenching vision of small-town life in Dying Town.

Mark Welner's Who's That Jerk She's With sounds like an amusing parody of several Stones tunes and The Boviner's Song by the Killer Klamz is a smooth number that uses saxophone to good advantage.

Production on this album is good considering the time the bands had to work with and the absence of a big production budget.