By Doctor Profound                               


Skepticism is not allowed, for everything
spoken within is the truth



As many of you have realized, MacFilez has become rather "different" in the recent months. In fact, since the CatWatch scare of early December, 1996, MacFilez has become more and more hectic. The breakdown of groups has led to the monopolies of others, and many known leaders have fled. Why is this happening, you ask?

Let me start off be saying that skeptics like Fibra and Hard will not agree to most of this "guide". However, everything within is fact. Let them talk, for I created this for the benefit of the MacFilez community as a whole, and frankly, I don't care what a few people think of this. I am a special member of the MacFilez community. I cannot reveal my age, however, I will say that I am older than most. I cannot reveal my location, however, I will state that I have lived in over 5 states while belonging to the MacFilez community. I am your helper; I am your guide; I am your friend.

Although some of the information within is purely confidential, I reveal this to the public for one reason, to let the truth be known. I am special, as I have stated before, because of my oppurtunity to divulge this information to you. I have several tight leads, because of my profession, and because of the professions of my friends. If I was ever caught, not only would I be fired, but I would be arrested for breaking a confidentiality pact that my occupation forced me to agree to, and sign. I am just trying to let you know that my giving you these fact are no small measure, and I am risking much for revealing this information. Please remain open-minded, at least to humor me, for it is important.

Please read on, and do not take the facts presented to you lightly, for I am risking much in order to reveal the truth.


The Breakdown of MacFilez
as a Whole

It started because of a stupid prank. Anyone could have done it. Unfortunately, the staff of America Online Inc. took this as a serious security breach and instantly put forth all of their power to find the individual, and to hush it up.

The following is a copy of an Instant Message log taken on December 2, 1996. For personal reasons, I have disclosed the name of the guide, and simply replaced the guide's name with "Guide".

Guide: What seems to be the problem?
Mr E 8524y: um, i think that someonbe just coned me into giving them my pasword.

Guide: Ok, you did the right thing by telling me. How long ago did this take place?
Mr E 8524y: just now! he said he worked for aol, but i dont know.
Guide: OK, do you remember this persons name?
Mr E 8524y: Yeah! it was Steve Case.
Guide: Ok, they must have tricked you, that was not Steve Case, I am sure of it.
Mr E 8524y: no, it really was steve, the boy. He said that his number was (xxx) xxx-xxxx In fact, he told me a little bit about you.
Guide: What? Im sorry, do you have a copy of the Instant Message?
Mr E 8524y: Bitch. Damn AOL.
Guide: Excuse me...please try to control your words.
Mr E 8524y: oh, now your not so fucking tough, are you? you stupid assholes are all the same.

Mr E 8524y: I know who you are, Xxxxx, and i know that your number is xxx-xxxx,i am gonna fucking kill you. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! you have no power!!!!!! yeah, us littl e snerts are all the same, huh?

As this may look like an innocent prank, America Online took this very seriously. Within one week this boy, age 14, was brought into the Conneticut State Police HQ, where he was charged with attempted murder, and 2 counts of assault. He pleaded innocent, and the State dropped the attempted murder charge. He was fined $50, 000, and, surprisingly, his account, which was his mothers, was left untouched. This was all in an agreement in order to discourage anything like that from ever happening again.

Even more unfortunate for the underground aol community, is that this boy confessed to being witness to more than "10 dozen separate incidences, where pirated material was being freely distributed". Because of this, and the fact that he admitted to America Online, that the private room where this was taken place was called "ColdIce", AOL decided to start monitoring certain rooms. You may remember ColdIce being raided quite frequently in mid-December, 1996.

Although MacFilez is being very lightly thought of as of this publication, look for all IBM "Warez" rooms to diminish before early April, 1997.


The People of MacFilez

Very recently, many strong names in MacFilez, the more prominent "leaders" if you will, have unknowingly disapeared.

- Stussy
- BgWurm
- HiST

These people have all disapeared, each for his own reason, yet each connected unknowingly, in that they were ALL MONITORED BY AOL. Is this a coincidence?? I think not.

Slowly, over the weeks, more and more peopla will be leaving America Online. Although some may return in aliases, they are not using their good sense. Very slowly, the individuals that belong to prominent groups will be diminishing at a slow, but steady, pace.

I am sorry if anyone here is now extremely mad that I included them in this publication, however, it is important for me to warn the following people. The people that I list below, are ALL currently in the "waiting list" of America Online's survielance team, which went underway in late January of 1997.

If you see your name below, do not worry, for America Online may not choose you to monitor, just take caution.

The following people are currently in mild danger of getting caughtbreaking the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and/or violating the United States Anti-Pirating Act of 1994.

- Han Solo
- Hoyle
- Tagger
- Endo
- Zonez
- Blaaze
- Gimp
- Fire
- HcTiB
- Basher
- Lou
- Freak
- Teets
- Surge
- Fibra
- Tang
- Hard
- The Daddy
- Warior

Before you take me for granted, ask yourself this: OJ, Romeo, and Happy, where are they now?

AOL is going after people who fit these qualities:

- Making any tool for America Online
- Making any patch for America Online
- Uploading and pirating material
- People who have been involved with MW-MF, . . "old-schoolers"
- People accessing Staff Areas, and making them public
- People creating any "Hacker" or anything "Hacker-Like" documents, guides, and/or publications
- Anyone who creates a Program enabling Fraudulent means of accessing AOL

Please be concerned if you were aspiring to do anything that is above. However, you need not run, just stop any and all illegal actions, which includes quitting your group, and/or stopping any works in progress that would give AOL any reason to press charges against you.

Also, please keep this in mind. If you create any programs using OneClick, you are not doing anything illegal or in violation of AOLs Terms Of Service (TOS). Although OneClick programs may make AOL angry, for them to do something about it means creating a new section of TOS, whihc is just not priority right now. I ask you to continue making these Programs, just as long as there is nothing on them that is illegal, i.e. making a fake account.


The Groups of MacFilez

Involved and linking all of the people of MacFilez, are the many groups that MacFilez has seen. Although many groups have been short-lived, their impact is clear. The staff of AOL is taking these groups as an insult to their TOS, and will treat every member of these groups extremely harshly.

As I listed the many people that are currently being (or may soon be) monitored by AOL, I will now speak of the several groups that MacFilez contains, all of whom, will soon be destryed.

Groups in MacFilez are primarily used to spread around pirated material, or illegal files, referred to as "Warez". Groups are in danger of not only violating the rules of AOL, but the laws of our federal government. If you are presently involved in any group listed below, please take head, for you are in mild danger.

The following groups will soon be broken up by AOL, if they are not broken up voluntarily:

- Star
- Flame
- Intrepid
- Neo
- SiM
- Core

If you are currently involved in a group that is not reffered to above, such as "Ice" or "J4f", you do not need to take heed. AOL only goes after real groups that do harm to the AOL community, not fake groups that are only created to become more popular within MacFilez.

Now a word about the most popular, and yet the most dangerous group. WareSystem. Those of you that do not refer to WareSystem as a group are being impetuous and ignorant. As WareSystem has recently stopped, they are now safe from the peering eyes of AOL. As they were the number one group to monitored, the monitoring process now turns to the groups above, which are in no particular order.

I make the following statement: Any and all persons that were at one time or are presently involved with the group known as WareSystem are no longer in any danger of any kind, unless also involved in another illegal activity, or another group.

As for every other group in MacFilez, look for groups to cease existing around late May-early June of 1997.


A New Member of the
MacFilez Community

Now we have come to a new era of the Mac underground rooms on America Online. Although it crushes my heart, I must accept that MacFilez will die within the next few months. You must also accept this. I cannot say wether switching to a new room will do anything, it has in the past, but the future is unknown.

I have listed the top people and groups currently involved with America Online crackdown on "warez" rooms. However, we now have a new danger. Although I cannot release the name of this newcomer, he/she is extremely dangerous. I understand that so-called "newbies" are thought of with disgust, but all newcomers are not what they seem.

Beware of a new "member" of the MacFilez community. For there are a limited number of people who can recognize this person for who he really is, he is a great danger to the whole stability of macfilez.

I am saying what you know is true. There is currently a NARC in MacFilez. I am telling everyone in MacFilez to take heed, for this person is like a black widow among a group of ants. He/she has incredible power, and his/her anonymity makes him/her incredibly obsolete. You can no longer trust anyone.

Although I know who this person is, I cannot tell you. If I did this, i would be traced, and I cannot risk that. I am in enough trouble already by realeasing all the information that I have so far.

The most I can do for you now is give you these small advisories:

- Watch all newcomers very closely, especially if they seem to know more than they should.
- DO not trust anyone if you did not know them before January of 1997.
- Pay Close attention to a few random people, for I am . giving out hints at random.
- Other than myslef, only 5 members of the MacFilez community, those who are regulars in MacFilez know the narc's true identity.
- If you have a feeling that someone might be the narc, watch that person closely, and tell all friends about this.
- The person who goes by the screen name of "JYates" is important, for a reason he does not know yet. Watch this person slowly rise to power, and then be destroyed. It is his legacy that will help MacFilez through its revelation.

Keep these in mind, and try to keep your head in the air, for common sense and wisdom are the only thing that you have left.


No One Important

I understand that very recently, many of you have recieved letters from a person bearing the name NoOneImpor. Now, as this person is not me, this person seems to have significant knowledge about the future of MacFilez. If you have not recieved his letter, I advise you to do so. He speaks the truth also, although I do not agree to the way he distributed it.



I would like to make the following warnings to certain people all around MacFilez.

- To Daddy:
      Please disontinue any and all work on your "Hackintosh" collection.
- To Han Solos:
      You are currently in charge of the most powerful group on AOL. Beware.
- To Fibra:
      Continuing with your "Xprt" tool would be a fatal mistake.
- To Tang:
      Please take CLOSE WATCH over any new friends, you may be tricked.
- To HcTiB:
      I advise against continuing your work and distibuting FDOs.

If I have warned you above, please do not take my warnings lightly, for I have inside information stating that you are in danger as of this publication. Especially Daddy, who's REAL account is abundently used.


A Final Statement

In closing, I would like to again state how much I risk by distributing this. However, I am unselfish and would rather see my demise than the demise of all of MacFilez. Please pass this on, so that many can learn from this.

The new room that is currently being started is called "MacUnderground". If you wish, please go there. I am sure that there will be some people there at night.

Once again, I thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that you can save MacFilez.

                - Dr. Profound








I, Dr. Profound in no way shape or form while writing is attempting for it to be used for the purpose of education. Please do not take anything in this as true, as it meant only as a source of entertainment. The author of this publication does not guarantee the authenticity of anything inside, nor does he gurantee that anything in this is true. This is a ficticious document. By stating this, I am in no way vioating any laws of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is the location of my current profession, or any laws of America Online Inc.