The OneNet Member Network

What is OneNet?

OneNet is a global nework of FirstClass systems offering hundreds of file and message areas. With the release of FirstClass v2.5, OneNet will also allow for the general exchange of mail between member systems. The network is organized as a collection of regional hubs fed by a central hub, OneNet Boulder, located in Boulder, Colorado, (303)444-7569.

Goals and objectives

OneNet relies on the FirstClass Server software from SoftArc. While this software is currently only available fgor Macintosh, SoftArc has committed to a UNIX port of FirstClass, and the client software is available for Windows and Macintosh, and will soon also be available for the Newton. As a result, while OneNet offers many Macintosh-oriented conferences, there are also Windows-oriented file areas, as well as conferences that have nothing to do with computers. In fact, a key objective of the OneNet is to create a "user friendly" bulletin board network open to users at all levels of technical sophistication. To join the OneNet, system operators can contact one of the regional hubs, or dial in to the OneNet Los Altos system, home of OneNet founder Scott Converse, (415)948-1349.


In joining the OneNet, system administrators agree to take responsibility for the operation of their systems, and to respond to the concerns of other administrators. In particular, sysops are responsible for validating users, reigning in abusive behavior, and preventing dupe loops within conference areas. Regional hubs take responsibility for the activity of systems within their region, and may request sysops to reign in behavior by their users. If a dispute arises between sysops, the OneNet Board of directors acts as a court of last resort, and if asked to intervene will render a binding judgement. In order to be part of the OneNet Member Network, regional hubs must display the OneNet Member logo, and it is required that member systems post a message in their News area affirming their OneNet membership. It is suggested that member systems display the OneNet logo, although this is not required.

User and sysop guidelines

R and X rated conferences

While R and X rated conferences are not prohibited on the OneNet, such conferences must be private and must sport an autoopen message informing potential registrants of the contents of the conference.

File attachments

Since FirstClass does not use compression and batching in order to lower the costs of gatewaying between systems, OneNet has imposed a limit on the size of file attachments in non-file conferences. The maximum file attachment size is 20K, which does not include the message text, which may be up to 32K size, for a total of 52K per message. This limitation will also apply to routed e-mail, which will be supported with the release of FirstClass v2.5.

Commercial use of the network

OneNet allows commercial use of the network only within specially "zoned" areas, such as the Vendor conferences. Vendors should concentrate their activity in these areas, rather than posting items for sale in the Classified conference. To be eligible for a Vendor conference, vendors must agree to having an authorized member of their firm participating in the conference.

Abusive behavior

If a user is abusive within a conference area, the regional hub may request that the person's ability to post in a conference be restricted. Software piracy is not permitted on the Onet and member sysops will cooperate with law enforcement in preventing and putting an end to illegal activities. Systems violating OneNet guidelines will be removed from the network.


Since FirstClass does not support encyrption as of version 2.4, OneNet does not guarantee the privacy of messages passed among member systems, and does not provide facilities for private communications as defined under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA).

Policies on handles

The decision to allow or not allow handles on any OneNet member BBS is up to the individual administrators. However, use of offensive handles is not allowed, and every administrator is accountable for the behavior of users from his or her BBS who will be allowed access to the net. Accountability means that every sysop is responsible for knowing who is on their system, whether or not the user uses a handle. Administrators are free to restrict the local display of any conference containing aliases if aliases are in conflict with local BBS policy. Hub BBSes are required to pass all conferences desired by BBSes receiving a feed from them, whether the conferences support aliases or not. All administrators are expected to cooperate in the handling of problem users. Although the circumstances constituting a problem are too varied to cover in detail, a problem user is one committing disruptive or illegal acts on the net. The appropriate action will be set according to the offense and determined by the users administrator.


OneNet member systems may choose which conferences they choose to carry from the regional hubs. No member system is required to carry a conference, although it is advisable that all systems carry the OneNet Member conference so as to keep informed about OneNet developments. The conference administrator, currently Hank Mollenauer, is responsible for ensuring the integrity of gatewayed conferences, including the elimination of duplicates, and the maintenance of connectivity among the regional hubs. Currently FirstClass does not support duplicate elimination, or compression of material sent over the FirstClass-FirstClass gateway, although they have promised to address these issues in a future release. Enhancements expected to be supported by FirstClass v2.5 include support for multi-hop e-mail, as well as encryption of mail. Since with encryption, and multi-hop routing sysops would not be able to determine the nature of traffic routed through their system, and would lose at least some control over their phone bills, it is not yet clear whether these features will be widely supported.

Growth of the OneNet

OneNet, which began with five systems as of October, 1992, had 191 systems as of June, 1993, and over 340 systems by March, 1994, with an estimated 350,000 users. The OneNet is now the largest Macintosh-oriented bulletin board network, and is adding 15-25 systems a month. Should this growth continue into 1995, OneNet could become the sixth largest store and forward network, behind FidoNet, UUCP, WWIVNet, BITNET, and RIME.

Membership drives

In order to fund the development of the network, OneNet Member Network has begun regular membership drives, patterned after National Public Radio. One to three times a year, users are asked to join the ranks of contributors. The drives last for a few days to a few weeks. The levels of individual membership contribution are:

* $30-60 per year OneNet Patron. (90 min. per day on OneNet Los Altos)

* $60-120 per year OneNet Sponsor. (120 min per day on OneNet Los Altos)

* $250 or more per year OneNet Angel. (includes unlimited daily access to OneNet Los Altos and a seat on the OneNet Advisory Board via the Advisory Conference).

Growth of the OneNet Member network versus time.

Source: OneNet system lists, compiled by Hank Mollenauer

For more information

Since the OneNet is expanding rapidly, information on it quickly goes out of date. A list of FirstClass BBSes is given below. For more information on the current state of the OneNet Member Network, please contact the OneNet fax and voice message center at (415)948-4775. After dialing the number, you may direct your call to the appropriate voice mailbox:

1. Scott Converse, Head administrator and Executive Director

2. John Skeehan, Gateway Coordinator

3. Hank Mollenauer, Gateway Coordinator

You can also mail inquires to: OneNet Los Altos, 4546 El Camino Real # 127, Los Altos, California 94022.

FirstClass BBSes as of September 23, 1993

BBS                         Location                     Phone #

The Electronic Pen          Harrington Park, NJ          (201)767-6337
The Foggy Bottom            Washington, DC               (202)337-2368
Stellar Sabre               Coventry, CT                 (203)742-5699
Mac In Time                 Winnipeg, MN                 (204)275-7581
Embassy Graphics            Winnipeg, MN, CAN            (204)783-1677
Cygnus                      Auburn, AL                   (205)826-1895
Mac Attack                  Huntsville, AL               (205)971-0857
FreeDialog                  Seattle, WA                  (206)365-4605
Kamilche Mac BBS            Shelton, WA                  (206)426-3262
Digital Justice             Kent, WA                     (206)639-3181
dBUG ExChange               Seattle, WA                  (206)937-1328
MacAct (U. Maine)           Orono, ME, USA               (207)381-6114
Meme Net                    Fresno, CA                   (209)431-6363
Mac Exchange                San Antonio, TX              (210)658-6224
New York MUG                New York, NY                 (212)473-1967
Slice of the Apple          New York, NY                 (212)722-7788
APARNet                     New York, NY                 (212)740-2148
Post Modem                  New York, NY                 (212)935-0363
BPS                         Hollywood, CA                (213)874-1919
MacRo Mouse                 Dallas, TX                   (214)739-0645
MediaLink                   Dallas, TX                   (214)741-2580
Panther Tracks              Midlothian, TX, USA          (214)775-1757
Phil. Info Exchange         Philadelphia, PA             (215)336-9296
Crossroads                  West Chester, PA             (215)347-0901
Starline                    Philadelphia, PA             (215)635-2341
Feats Imagic                Highland, IN                 (219)923-6804
Radiological Insp Rpts      Rockville, MD, USA           (301)309-1808
Looking Glass               Wilmington, DE               (302)995-6064
Warrior Net                 Denver, CO                   (303)426-9031
OneNet Boulder              Boulder, CO                  (303)444-7569
MacManiacs                  Boulder, CO                  (303)449-8471
ACME Acres                  Englewood, CO                (303)721-0358
Wildcat BBS                 Walden, CO                   (303)723-8612
MAGIC                       Denver, CO                   (303)791-8732
MentorNet                   Englewood, CO                (303)843-9053
Sneakers                    Denver, CO                   (303)986-1411
Black Gold                  Gillette, WY                 (307)686-7213
Servant Christian BBS       Redondo Beach, CA            (310)371-2770
South Bay Connection        Hermosa Beach, CA            (310)376-2150
Mac HAC'ers                 Carson, CA                   (310)549-9664
LAMG                        Los Angeles, CA              (310)559-6227
CyberSpace BBS              Culver City, CA              (310)568-9184
SBAMUG                      Redondo Beach, CA            (310)792-8083
Chicago Machine             Chicago, IL                  (312)233-9607
MAC Universe BBS            Chicago, IL                  (312)235-6794
Insane Domain               Chicago, IL                  (312)274-9515
Columbia Graphics           Chicago, IL                  (312)477-7834
TROU                        Chicago,IL                   (312)871-2177
The Board                   Troy, MI                     (313)362-1448
L'AISON                     Beverly Hills, MI            (313)647-2634
Missouri Press Asc.         Columbia, MO, USA            (314)443-1134
appleJAC                    Jefferson City, MO           (314)635-5826
Columbia Online             Columbia, MO                 (314)874-2747
UltraMac                    St. Louis, MO                (314)965-0119
LaserGraphics               Liverpool, NY, USA           (315)453-3086	
MacSauce                    Clinton, NY                  (315)733-6963   
MacPac                      Anderson,IN                  (317)640-1248
Korean BBS                  Syracuse, NY                 (315)479-0668   
HCN                         Wichita, KS                  (316)683-5211   
Bayou Mac                   Shreveport, LA               (318)797-9946
OMUG Online                 Bellevue, NE                 (402)293-8021
LIME BBS                    Lincoln, NE                  (402)435-3468
AGE-MIG                     Edmonton, AB                 (403)427-0310
BESTnet                     Edmonton, AB                 (403)461-3209
YMUG                        Whitehorse, YT               (403)668-7211
TanCom                      Yellowknife, NWT             (403)873-2610
Electronic Illusions        Edmonton, AB                 (403)988-6154
Pathways                    Winston, GA                  (404)920-6571
Caught With Your Pants      Lawton, OK                   (405)355-4471
OKBBS                       Oklahoma City, OK            (405)521-2371
WestNet                     Helena, MT                   (406)442-3329
Crumal's Dimension          Santa Clara, CA              (408)246-7854
Positive Image Studio       Santa Clara, CA              (408)270-8916
City Connection             San Jose, CA                 (408)272-3332
Digital Cafe                Campbell, CA, USA            (408)364-2234
A32 Mac Users Grp           Campbell, CA                 (408)378-8252
Casa del Cyborg             Santa Cruz, CA               (408)457-2595
Iguana BBS                  Sunnyvale, CA                (408)733-8626
AllNet                      Cupertino, CA                (408)736-2607
TeleGraphics                Santa Clara, CA, USA         (408)737-8720
CyberMac                    Baltimore, MD                (410)668-3903
The Laughing Dragon         Columbia, MD                 (410)730-5836
Mac for the Mind            Pittsburg, PA                (412)661-6120
Netrunner                   Milwaukee, WI                (414)332-5910
Metropolis                  Milwaukee,WI                 (414)783-7667
Double Click MUG            Milwaukee, WI                (414)962-3622
Global Village              Mountain View, CA, USA       (415)390-8334
The Public BBS              Half Moon Bay, CA            (415)726-3587
Harry's BBS                 San Francisco, CA            (415)824-7809
OneNet                      Los Altos, CA                (415)948-1349
Dead Dog Party              Mountain View, CA            (415)968-7919
MAGIC                       Toronto, ON                  (416)288-1767
The Daily Planet            Burlington, ON               (416)336-6159
Matrix                      Toronto, ON                  (416)364-2999
NEWT                        Toronto, ON                  (416)393-8047
Agincourt Hi(gh)deout       Scarborough, ON, CAN         (416)396-6674
The Newsroom                Toronto, ON                  (416)444-3361
CLubMAC                     Toronto,ON                   (416)462-2922
NYNet                       Toronto, ON, CAN             (416)512-0964
Global Graphics             Missisauga, ON, CAN          (416)568-0966
NTLU                        Toronto, ON                  (416)588-1483
SoftArc Online              Scarborough, ON, CAN         (416)609-2250
Objectivists Online         Oshawa, ON                   (416)723-1739
MaUsE                       Oshawa, ON                   (416)723-5361
Eagle Systems               Richmond Hill, ON            (416)737-3053
CNCI-BBS                    Toronto, ON, CAN             (416)761-1894
Deep Blue                   Richmond Hill, ON            (416)883-9670
TSC                         Toronto, ON, CAN             (416)886-9679
Club Mix BBS                Mississauga, ON              (416)897-0810
Niagara Area MUG            St. Catherines, ON           (416)937-1631
Saved by Technology         Toronto, ON, CAN             (416)964-6434
Synapse                     Quebec City, QC              (418)657-6918
Merlin                      Rimouski, QC                 (418)722-8313
1reClasse                   Courcelette, QC              (418)844-5630
TeleMaque                   Riviere du Loup, QC          (418)867-8239
AppleRock                   Little Rock, AR              (501)791-0377
Phthisis                    Grenview, KY                 (502)894-8346
Electric Sheep              Portland, OR                 (503)228-1827
Voice in the Wilderness     Portland, OR                 (503)239-5958
MacUniverse                 Portland, OR                 (503)240-1042
Network 23                  Portland, OR                 (503)246-5947
Excelsior                   Eugene, OR                   (503)343-1591
BendNet                     Bend, OR                     (503)385-3332
Headquarters                Salem, OR                    (503)588-6528
Mac Aloha                   Aloha, OR                    (503)591-5695
Fear of Failure             Sherwood, OR                 (503)625-2371
Greyland                    Springfield, OR              (503)747-6098
The Borderline BBS          Springfield ,OR              (503)747-6916
The Safe House              Ontario, OR                  (503)881-1733
MacCommonWealth             New Orleans, LA              (504)837-7984
MacKato UG                  Mankato, MN                  (507)278-4499
Conspiracy                  Hopedale, MA                 (508)478-1714
North Shore Mac             Beverly, MA                  (508)921-4716
MACS BBS                    Spokane, WA                  (509)326-9307
VIZability                  Walnut Creek, CA             (510)210-0800
Macrocosm                   Livermore, CA                (510)449-1648
Planet BMUG                 Berkeley, CA                 (510)849-2684
DesignLink                  Walnut Creek, CA, USA        (510)933-9676
AAACE BBS                   Austin, TX                   (512)280-3922
Spanky's Sportnet           Austin, TX                   (512)462-1425
TechNet                     Austin, TX                   (512)471-7004
MAQuarium                   Austin, TX                   (512)479-0290
Kindling the Flame          Cincinnati, OH               (513)271-5270
The Seven Hills School      Cincinnati, OH               (513)271-5270
Productivity Online         Cincinnati, OH               (513)723-4444
The Public Landing          Cincinnati, OH               (513)844-2501
Babylon                     Outremont, QC                (514)272-3367
Pentecom                    Montreal, QC                 (514)425-4001
IAMUG Info Server           Des Moines, IA               (515)279-6769
Golden Dome                 Fairfield, IA                (515)469-3456
BEBBS                       Brentwood, NY                (516)434-3872
Ender BBS                   Great Neck, NY               (516)829 1620
MUG News Service            Schenectady, NY              (518)381-4430
Nexus BBS                   London, ON                   (519)473-7584
WatRMUG                     Waterloo, ON                 (519)888-4781
MVCUG                       Sierra Vista, AZ             (602)458-9560
Falcon's Nest               Phoenix, AZ                  (602)581-7827
MACS BBS                    Mesa, AZ                     (602)807-0301
Tuscon AppleCore            Tuscon, AZ                   (602)882-2945
Apple Power/SNAC            Merrimack, NH                (603)429-1309
Phil's Philes               Suncook, NH                  (603)485-2223
Gate City Striders          Nashua, NH                   (603)888-5477
Community Memory            Richmond, BC                 (604)278-1849
MACA                        Victoria, BC                 (604)384-8960
Breeze                      Vancouver, BC                (604)682-8884
Mac Right                   Kelona, BC                   (604)769-4470
Kamloops MUG                Kamloops, BC                 (604)828-0014
The Revelation              North Vancouver, BC          (604)929-1615
Sunshine                    Tsawwassen, BC               (604)943-1612
EdgeWays!                   North Vancouver, BC          (604)984-2777
Autobahn                    Ithaca, NY                   (607)256-7595
Memory Alpha                Ithaca, NY                   (607)257-5822
Information Electronics     Hammondsport, NY, USA        (607)868-3393
FrogMedia                   Madison, WI                  (608)233-1135
Mac Line                    Madison, WI                  (608)233-9487
The Graphic Building        Minneapolis, MN, USA         (612)425-5265
Allegro BBS                 Roseville, MN                (612)489-4902
The Chalk Board             New Brighton, MN, USA        (612)636-9012
TwinCity Mac                St. Paul, MN                 (612)822-4122
Free Thought BBS            Minneapolis, MN              (612)827-6715
National Capitol MUG        Ottawa, ON                   (613)225-0872
The Jungle                  Ottawa, ON                   (613)230-0199
Tone Online                 Ottawa, ON                   (613)237-2307
Hadwen's OnLine             Ottawa, ON, CAN              (613)738-9004
MacClique                   Knoxville, TN                (615)539-4844
MacFred's                   Battle Creek, MI             (616)964-1594
BDS BBS                     Watham, MA                   (617)449-7218
4th Dimension               Cambridge, MA                (617)494-0565
Reflections                 Swampscott, MA               (617)593-7228
BMUG Boston                 Boston, MA                   (617)721-5840
Boston Computer Society     Boston, MA                   (617)864-3375
Systems Support Group       Carbondale, IL               (618)549-2005
This is not empTV?          San Diego, CA                (619)450-1590
A-1 EZ OK                   San Diego, CA                (619)693-1575
MACadamiaNuts               San Diego, CA                (619)755-2142
MACadamia Nuts              Solona Beach, CA             (619)775-2142
Winter Tree                 Fargo, ND                    (701)234-9420
Cyber Sanctum               Las Vegas, NV                (702)435-2179
Moles of the Macs           Incline Village, NV          (702)831-4947
Thalia                      Falls Church, VA             (703)533-3938
The SoundNiche              Fairfax, VA                  (703)631-5892
digitalNation               Alexandria, VA               (703)642-0453
Multum in Parvo             Centreville, VA              (703)803-8714
Sailor's Source             Asheville, NC                (704)687-1887
Smuggler's BBS              Eureka, CA                   (707)445-5734
Byte Out of The Apple       Benecia, CA                  (707)747-0306
Terra X                     Sebastopol, CA               (707)823-0416
MacTRIPP                    Wilmette, IL                 (708)251-4158
Innovators                  Vernon Hills, IL             (708)918-1231
Texas Investigative Con     Houston, TX                  (713)228-5830
MacLair                     Houston, TX                  (713)286-2540
MacCentral                  Spring, TX                   (713)452-2193
Byte Brothers               Mission Viejo, CA            (714)582-5966
Imagine-NET                 Irvine, CA                   (714)660-7738
Middle Earth                Anaheim, CA                  (714)828-9758
Digital Doctor              Eau Claire, WI               (715)834-4902
Macsimizing BBS             Rochester, NY                (716)242-0440
Mac's Last Stand            Rochester, NY                (716)247-9056 
AArdvark Burrow             Rochester, NY                (716)383-1635
Phoenix Rising              Rochester, NY                (716)429-7635
Tyrell Inc.                 Rochester, NY                (716)461-5157 
MacGallery                  Wrightsville, PA             (717)252-3227
CyberNet                    Lancaster, PA                (717)293-9831
The Summet                  Colorado Springs, CO         (719)520-2977
Malacandra                  Colorado Springs, CO         (719)531-7443
Family Club BBS             Ogden, UT                    (801)621-9423
Adrenaline Online           Charlotte, VT                (802)425-2332
MacInternational            Columbia, SC                 (803)798-3755
Foundation Network          Newhall, CA                  (805)255-7237
Beacon Comminque'           Simi Valley, CA              (805)522-9602
Channel Z                   Simi Valley, CA              (805)581-4975
Mac Magic                   Santa Barbara, CA            (805)682-1737
ROLNET                      Lancaster, CA                (805)948-4900
MacDaze                     Santa Barbara, CA            (805)964-6320
Gooey BBS                   Point Mugu, CA               (805)986-1216
MauiLink                    Wailuku, HI,                 (808)877-6028
BerMUG BBS                  Hamilton, Bermuda            (809)292-2405
CRABBS                      Pembroke, Bermuda            (809)295-2953
Meridian                    Sarasota, FL                 (813)359-8077
Tropical Bytes              Lakeland, FL                 (813)667-2025
The NET                     Rockford,IL                  (815)968-4729
Rainforest BBS              Kansas City, MO              (816)761-0582
Apple Corps of Dallas       Dallas, TX                   (817)355-9363
Lone Star Mac               Fort Worth, TX               (817)370-2827
Apple T.R.E.E.              Temple, TX                   (817)773-1685
SanGabriel Valley MUG       Pasadena, CA                 (818)790-5426
MacValley Online            Burbank, CA                  (818)840-0518
eNet                        La Canada, CA                (818)952-6609
The Drawing Board           Hacienda Heights, CA         (818)965-6241
InterMac                    Drummondville, QC            (819)475-3159
OutNet                      Gatineau, QC                 (819)669-1187
La Pomme                    Hull, QC                     (819)778-8727
Babillard Macdelus          Rock Forest, QC              (819)864-7982
Prograph Support            Halifax, NS, CAN             (902)455-6616
POWERBoard                  Gainesville, FL              (904)336-9501
Chatterbox                  Pensecola, FL,               (904)455-7194
Mosquito Coast              Fort Walton Beach, FL        (904)651-3227
Alaska Mac                  Anchorage, AK                (907)277-9140
MacPUBB                     Anchorage, AK                (907)563-4735
NJMUG                       Clark, NJ                    (908)388-1676
UltraFlight                 Somerset, NJ                 (908)545-5255
High Technology HS          Lincroft, NJ, USA            (908)747 6292
Atlantic Highlands HS       Atlantic Hilnds, NJ, USA     (908)872-7809
Castle Tabby                Bradley Beach, NJ            (908)988-0706
Gentle Rain Forum           Claremont, CA                (909)593-6144
Guerilla Symbiotics         La Verne, CA                 (909)593-6862
The Alternative             Topeka, KS                   (913)233-1576
Leavenworth UG              Leavenworth, KS              (913)682-7153
The Fly Fishing Network     Amawalk, NY, USA             (914)245-9770
AppleCore                   Middletown, NY               (914)343-9050
The Grid                    Westchester, NY              (914)524-9547
Mosaic Ministries           Andover, MA                  (914)896 5547
Sierra Mouse Trap           Grass Valley, CA             (916)265-9739
MacShasta                   Mt. Shasta, CA               (916)926-4854
Native Voices Online        Tulsa, OK                    (918)660-0677
ColorWorks                  Durban,South Africa          +27 31 216088
Mactivity International     The Hauge, Holland           +31 (0)70 3563409
Mactivity International     Venlo, Holland  +31          (0)77 544384
Edinburgh Telford BBS       Edinburgh, Scotland          +31 323-9949
The Captain's Cabin         Hilvarenbeek, Holland        +31 42 553060
Hobby Computer Club         Antwerp, Belgium             +32 3 226-9010
Mactivity International     Bullingen, Belgium           +32 80 647363
Onco                        Paris, France                +33 45 84 12 56
Ellis                       Paris, France                +33 47 74 57 77
Le Serveur                  France                       +33 47 89 36 25
TechnoXLink                 Champigny, France            +33 49 83 86 49
SoloMac                     Barcelona, Spain             +34 3 812-6172
TransEurope Express         Coimbra, Portugal            +351 39 721 932
MetroServe                  Esposende, Portugal          +351 53 965 109
MadMac                      Madeira, Portugal            +351 91 742 424
ClubMac Ireland             Dublin, Ireland              +353 1-609323
Online Trader               Vantaa, Finland              +358 0 5072752
PEBA Graphics Box           Helsinki, Finland            +358 0 739989
AppleGarden BBS             Espoo, Finland               +358 0 8057713
Nexus                       Torino, Italy                +39 11 667-0225
Club Mac BBS                Venice, Italy                +39 41 522-3136
Mathematical BBS            Ferrara, Italy               +39 532-210499
PAN                         Arezzo, Italy                +39 575-24676
Letec Inc.                  Herchmettlen, Switzrlnd      +41 1 936 16 70
Switch Online               Lausanne, Switzerland        +41 21 156-4321
ProOnline                   Lausanne, Switzerland        +41 21 653-4344
SwissLink                   Lausanne, Switzerland        +41 21 923-6225
Geneva MacClub              Geneva, Switzerland          +41 22 301-0460
CERN Micro Club             Geneva, Switzerland          +41 22 767-9038
Huricane                    Corminboeuf, Switzerlnd      +41 37 45 20 23
connect'M                   Bremen, Germany              +42 1 165 47 80
Black*Box                   Vienna, Austria              +43 1 526 89 87
AMDA-Link Wien              Vienna, Austria              +43 1 715 0609
AMDA-Link Graz              Graz, Austria                +43 316 68 69 02
AMDA-Link Innsbruch         Innsbruck, Austria           +43 512 29 24 99
NUCTirol                    Telfs, Austria               +43 5262-65370
NUCVorarlberg               Vorarlberg, Austria          +43 5522-46267
AMDA-Link Dornbirn          Dornbirn, Austria            +43 5572 24 247
ON-MAC                      Eugendorf, Austria           +43 622 589220
NUCSalzburg                 Eugendorf, Austria           +43 6225-89220
AMDA-Link Salzburg          Salzburg, Austria            +43 662 834 107
AMDA-Link Linz              Linz, Austria                +43 732 24 68-9414
Tricom (TMSE Inc.)          Surrey, UK                   +44 (0932)823436
AppleEye                    Bedfordshire, UK             +44 0234-822180
Apple 2000                  Liverpool, UK                +44 519 490307
MacTel_HQ_Iconex            Iconex,UK                    +44 602 455417 
The Publishing Shop         Newcastle, England           +44 91 261-5228
Mac-On-Line Denmark         Aalborg, Denmark             +45 98110098    
MacForum                    Oslo, Norway                 +47 2 460213
Tordensoff Mac BBS          Spikkestad, Norway           +47 3 284305
MacinSand                   Kristiansand, Norway         +47 422 5573
Lindmac BBS                 Trondheim, Norway            +47 7-965474
MacOnline Norway            Harstad, Norway              +47 82-17200
Transfer                    M./Walldors, Germany         +49 61 0 575852
InterZone                   Bochum, Germany              +49 23 4 431150
PDMacS_Berlin               Berlin, Germany              +49 30 2 625908
XPlain                      Oststeinbek, Germany         +49 40 7 134051
Kunckel EDV                 Bremen, Germany              +49 42 1 170567
NightMail BBS               Kiel, Germany                +49 43 1 665899
DISCUSS                     Oldenburg, Germany           +49 44 1 884090
PDMacS_Freiburg             Freiburg, Germany            +49 7633 500040
ChatWorks_MUC               Munich, Germany              +49 89 496041
KiwiBox                     Wurtzbug, Germany            +49 93 1 883244
MacAsean BBS                Ukay Heights, Malaysia       +60 3 452-6196
Expresso                    Sydney, Australia            +61 2 809-3706
Khazad-Dum                  St. Clair, Australia         +61 2 834-4689
sky NET                     Melbourne, Australia         +61 3 562 2624
Pacific Connection          Melbourne, Australia         +61 3 826-3731
MacContent                  Victoria, Australia          +61 3 848-1346
Advanced Communications     Nelson, New Zealand          +64 3 546-9660
Deep Thought                Auckland, New Zealand        +64 9 443-7636
Macination                  Singapore                    +65 284-9668
Mac and Me BBS              Singapore                    +65 787-0116
Creates Corp.               Fuji City, Japan             +81 (545)53-0161
RingoNet II                 Tokyo, Japan                 +81 3 3412-7505
MediaLink                   Japan                        +81 3 3593-1379
moov BBS                    Tokyo, Japan                 +81 3 5485-7582
J-Link                      Toyohashi City, Japan        +81 5 3255-7773
Kinki Net                   Osaka, Japan                 +81 6 882-5451
Hong Kong MUG               Hong Kong                    +852 314-3280
Uptown 411 (R,P)            Wanchai, Hong Kong           +852 527 6361
SOS                         Hong Kong                    +852 650-6120
Tempest                     Hong Kong                    +852 802-7395
Mackey Mouse                Taipei, Taiwan               +886 2 362-7273

Bernard Aboba,, last modified: 3/18/94