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Contextualizing the Internet: 1995
Free Media Archive
Out of the Fog
Saturday Mornings, 1973
Saving the Internet

Contextualizing the Internet 1995 From 1994 to 1996 I presented a series of essays on the critical state of the Internet, its construction and probable prospects for the future. Topics covered include the history of the pre-Web matrix and the likely regulatory environment future tech might face. Part of this research developed into the material currently found in my Hacker\Culture site. The rest is presented here.
Cyber History Collection Some primary material from the long history of cyberspace.
Free Media Archive The FREE media archive is a collection of material about Canadian campus and community radio, micro and pirate broadcasting, and community networking. It is very much an "in progress" resource, drawn from my personal collection of texts and documents.
hacker\culture As I detail within problematics, hacking is a slippery concept, one which has facinated me since my weehood. The principle objective of this Web site is to provide primary documentation, and a little guidence, for those who wish to research the culture around hacking either from a general or an academic perspective.
MAGIC The fragile flower of virtual community in the early-1990s.
The Other Channel

The movement of Hong Kong cinema from the margins to the mainstream, 1996 to now.

Out of the Fog The Halifax music scene of the 1980s. Sloan, Sarah McLachlan, Basic English, the Lone Stars.
Saturday Mornings, 1973 How I became a media junkie.
Saving the Internet Archiving the matrix.

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