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  From 1994 to 1996 I presented a series of essays on the critical state of the Internet, its construction and probable prospects for the future. Topics covered include the history of the pre-Web matrix and the likely regulatory environment future tech might face.

Part of this research developed into the material currently found in my Hacker\Culture site. The rest is presented here.
John Stevenson
    Technology and Culture: Innis, McLuhan, Carey Fundemental ideas around human communication.

Art, Technology, and Cybernetic Systems: Walter Benjamin and Bill Nichols
Notions of the encounter with technology in the work of Benjamin and Nichols.

(De)Constructing the Matrix: Toward a Social History of the Early Internet
The origins of the 'Net's particular culture.

A Critical Analysis of Heather Menzies’ “Hyping the Highway” Prospects and problems with the imagined distopian future.

Regulation of the Internet in Canada: Prospects and Problems From the perspective of 1995, some of the ethical and technological challenges facing future Internet regulation.

The Silencing of a Democratic Medium: Early Public Policy on Radio and the Regulation of the Internet
Parallels between the radio of the 1910s and the Internet of the 1990s.

Copyright © 1995, 1996, 2001 John Harris Stevenson,   Wiring the World: Discourses of the Global Internet and Development Grand hopes of a global Internet are not enough.